About us

Nirmitsu an ISO 9001:2008 certified company provides next generation mobile phone,industrial control and wireless solutions that delivers end customer a highly customizable, Reliable,Innovative platform to use in their daily business

Nirmitsu provides an end-to-end platform solution to the customer from control devices to web apllication consoles

Nirmitsu wireless sensors and software- widely used in power,water and farming industry.Nirmitsu plays lead role in agriculture industry especially with new products for indian agriculture. currently indian agriculture is not much enriched with technologies like precision farming and a go automation.Nirmitsu has several patent pending products with advanced technology

Nirmitsu Technologies provides remote facility management solutions for industries to monitor,control and optimize their usage of their facility requirements like power,water,security and data

Nirmitsu RFID solutions enables the industries like manufacturing,healthcare,Retail,Pharma,Agro,Food,Logistics, jewellery,Textile to track their items in variety of ways.

Nirmitsu security solutions will provide access control,guard monitoring,surveillance,intrusion detection systems will provide home and industrial systems with SMS alerts,GPRS and wireless data logging