Home Security

Nirmitsu's uniqueness in providing wireless sensors, wireless alarms, monitoring devices with relays, Guard tracking system provided a opportunity to give unique solution for home security industry.

Nirmitsu CloudRFMS provides unique integration of wired/wireless security devices, DVRS,NVRS, hooters, alarms, boom barriers, door access control, cameras, biometric devices from its partners and 3rd party vendors.

The Nirmitsu Guard tracking system - please check NU2300 page provides a unique solution for tracking security men including ATM security people to night beating police.

The solutions provided by Nirmitsu for its customers uniquely differ from other vendors where we provide a direct integration IP cameras to CloudRFMS with streaming capturing and analysis for further use with real time monitoring.

The Guard security system developed by Nirmitsu Technologies requires personnel to click on button/scan ID/finger print device periodically.

Nirmitsu Technologies provides next-generation control systems,wireless solutions and mobile phone applications that deliver highly customizable,reliable and innovative platforms to enhance and automate end users business efficiencies

Nirmitsu provides end-to-end platform solutions from control devices to web application consoles

Functions and Features
  • Authorised personnel will be alerted when the pre-set scan/press function is not performed
  • Security is required to perform pre-set scan/press function every fifteen minutes
  • An alarm or alert will be provided to the owner when ever security is not awakened and not touching the button or swiping his finger
  • Security should to and press the button each 15 minutes
  • This system is equipped 3 alternative solutions
    • Simple button based
    • RFID card based
    • Fingerprint based
  • This system will help estate owners,apartments,police department in following ways
    • Finding out whether security or police is awake
    • An SMS based alert
  • Beat police or night duty police has to press the button or swipe the finger in regular interval
  • Security personnel in Estate,Apartments,Factory etc.
  • Can be used as access control solution also for home and industrial usage(only RFID and Fingerprint solution)
  • Along with Nirmitsu software can be used as time attendance door control solution

The integration of different Video surveillence and home security systems from different vendors like Panasonic, samsung, LG, AutoCop, Pelco, Honeywell, Axis etc has been carried out from Nirmitsu along with its software and hardware products for providing integrated Remote Facility management services for the customer.

The expertise in deploying and developing applications based on Wireless/Ethernet IP cameras along with NVRS brought Nirmitsu into mainstream Home security product/solutions space.

Ethernet/Wireless IP cameras

Nirmitsu can integrate 3rd party vendor products into its CloudRFMS solution by providing ultimate user experience in different applications like

  • Child Monitoring system
  • Patient Monitoring
  • Alarm generation based on unique conditions by capturing images
  • Remote facility management

Further details about Nirmitsu's Guard tracking device please check "NU2200 " page