Nirmitsu Invento

At Nirmitsu providing the real time tracking and inventory management became a daily requirement of customer who we supply hardware for tracking. This requirements leaded to development of a customizable "Tracking and Invetory" product with warehouse

Over the period with the constant feedback from different customers product became a solid product providing a different modules of Retail,Manufacturing, industry. This platform is capable of running in dedidicated server solution. The development of web based platform almost 6+ years ago resulted in adapting cloud based product is already available for users for managing their organization.

Initially started with inventory and tracking modules supporting RFID, barcode, WiFi devices, now added complete support for analytics, sales, purchase, product management, POS and other features.

The following major features are supported by the software

  • Inventory and tracking and warehouse
  • supports real time tracking of items with asset tracking, inventory management and warehouse management. With recent emergence smart phones we have unique integration to provide real time alerts.

  • Purchase module
  • provides unique dashboard with integration capability to inventory system to autogenerate purchase order and multi level authentication system

  • Sales
  • unique sales modules to provide a flexible sales enetries with row wise structure in Web browser with unique keyboard shortcuts.

  • Accounting and Reporting are also supported

EBOM,Electronics bill of material is a store Management software.This will helps to request,assign and track store items which are assigned for different projects

  • Purchase Management
    • Vendor Managemnt(eg:Vendor Rating)
    • Purchase order Management(eg Creates purchase orders and handles receiving)
    • Stock Analysis
    • Purchase Reports
  • Stock Management
    • component/Material Management
    • Component/Material Tracking
    • Component/Material and Project Association
    • Stock Analysis
    • Stock Reports
  • Project/Product Management
    • Maintenance of projects/products and its associates information
    • Projects/Products BOM management
    • Project/Product material management(e.g.Materials used,unused and faulty)
    • Project/Product cost Analysis
    • Project/Product Reports
  • Organization Management
    • Maintenance of organization information and employee information with hierarchy
  • Standard Reports
    • Bills of Material
    • Components
    • Where used
    • unused items
    • configurations
  • Entering and Maintaining Purchase orders
  • Recieving Purchase orders
  • Item Cost levels
  • Integration with other Models
  • Reporting
    • Provides reports for inventory reordering and purchase order status by item,vendor
    • Displays or prints 24-month vendor purchase history with graphs with Microsoft Excel
    • Real time Business status Report provides immediate status for open purchase orders,unbilled purchase orders and period-to-date orders and receipts
  • Key Reports
  • Each Report can be customized from a matrix of user-selected options:displayed, printed, exported to a spreadsheet,Pdf,faxed,sent by e-mail,or saved on disk. some of the reports included are:

    • open orders Report
    • Pending/completed Inspection Reports
    • Purchase order Receipts
    • Purchase Orders
    • Recommended Reorders
    • Recurring Purchase orders
    • Status Report
    • Vendor Report