Nirmitsu NU2200 products provides unique Home security application with integration to "Nirmitsu CloudRFMS" Nirmitsu CloudRFMS solution provides unique integration Web and mobile by providing users unique

  • Multi level alert and messages based on the failure conditions
  • Provides a monitoring of Guards and Security work force at regular intervals
  • Provides a wireless deployment scenarios with Active and Passive RFID solutions to Track the Guard at given location.
  • Nirmitsu cloudRFMS integration of NU2200 will allow as immediate alert about
    • Estate security men
    • Warehouse security men
    • Apartment Security men
    • Building/House security men
    • Banking Security
    • ATM security management agency
    • Night Watchmen/Nurses/DutyDoctors at Hospital
    • Night shift Workers/Call center employees
    • Night Beating Police and Security Guards
    • Night Beating Campus Security Men
    • to their respective owners if the system is not attended in regular intervals.

The NU2200 will provide a unique system attendance criteria which can be configurable for a given time interval. The attendee should be able to provide his attendance either by pressing the button, showing the face in camera, or using his finger printing and RFID cards.

The system also can be connected to alarm/hooter to generate huge sound alarms to wake up the seucrity team if no attendance is done afer a configurable attempts are not done.

NU2200 system will provide following capabities.

  • Maximum Attempts Failed by a security - This configuration will allow owner/management to find the inability of security who crossed maximum limit of not attending the system.
  • logging of all attendance
  • supports different type of attendance like button, card, biometric and 3rd party camera/face recognition system.
  • supports for SMS alerts based on threshold attempts failure
  • Generation of sound alarms
  • Priority based alert system based on attendance or acknowledgement of alert by the management. This requires
    • Active tracking from Nirmitsu CloudRFMS
    • Supports 5V/12V DC supply
    • Internal battery support
    • Internal support SIN slot support for 2x16 local display with 16 key keyboard
    • Supports Rugged and commertial type of mechanical outfit

The system can be used to following applications

  • security men/Guard tracking at regular intervals
  • Tracking of Night duty Nurses and can be integrated internal alarm opr cardless phone system to generate a unique attendance events from patients.
  • Tracking of Night duty workers.
  • Tracking of Night duty call center for regular attendance.
  • Tracking of the events attendance counting system
  • Tracking of food coupons issues for Events/Hotels/office Canteens usage.
  • Tracking of random movements in campus/Apartment.
Models Switch Relay Ethernet Wireless UART USB RFID Biometrics FaceDetection Power Battery GPRS/3g
NU2200B 8 5v/12v
NU2200M 8 5v/12v
NU2200S 8 5v/12v
NU2200E 8 5v/12v
NU2200W 8 external 5v/12v