NUACTIVE300 -Active RFID Reader.

Nirmitsu NUActive300 is a Active RFID reader which will communicate with Nirmitsu CloudRFMS/Nirmitsu Invento software product to provide unique RFID tracking application. please check the RFID and tracking" page for further details.

The NUActive300 product developed by Nirmitsu provides a reconfigurable mode in Programmer and Read only mode solutions where NURF100 devices can be programmed as a rfid tracking devices with location sensing capability. The device can also work with

  • NURF100 normal devices with only repropgrammable memory upto 32k.
  • NURF100 with location sensing capability with reprogrammable memory.
  • BLE module from Smartpath or 3rd party BLE modules with capability to do GAT profiles. The location, proximity and other profiles can be used by the NUActive300.
  • Support for WiFi RTLS tags.
  • support for Google Beacon platform

NUActive300 devices can support following specification in different models

  • supports 2.4 Ghz and Sub Ghz devices
  • supports WiFi, BLE and 802.15.4 devices
  • supports Memory reprogrammable capabilities, location sensing, device tracking, proximity detection, Location based services capabilities.
  • supports periodic reporting of device positions to Web console
  • supports device scanning at regular intervals and provides unique alerts.
  • provides Geofencing and Asset move, Warehouse Detach alerts
  • provides Warehouse tracking by integrating to Nirmitsu Invento
  • supports tracking applications like baggage tracking, computer tracking, child tracking, people tracking, item tracking, campus tracking solutions
  • supports for tracking for disabled people for assistance with the help of custom healthcare application.
  • supports 5V DC supply