Power and Smartgrid


Nirmitsu Technologies launches a new product line for power management and saving in office, home and industry.


The NURF100 devices from Nirmitsu provide following capabilities

  • can be integrated into any lighting/streetlight box
  • provides support for zigbee/6lowpan/Custom mesh stack
  • provides smart energy profile capability
  • supports PWM output for lighting controllers
  • supports multi color generation
  • works in 2.4Ghz/sub 1Ghz mode
  • supports distances upto 800-1000 outdoor.
  • supports internal and external antenna in different models
  • works 3.3V/5V power supply mode.
  • supports dynamic profile storage based on server control application
  • supports AES encryption for the data
  • supports ASCII control mode after secure callback
  • supports Router mode in mesh networking mode
  • supports Cordinator and End user mode.

NU2100 product is designed and manufactured by Nirmitsu Technologies as a "GO GREEN SAVE ENERGY" initiative product.Nirmitsu also offers a different product line in industrial control and Automation. NU2100-GO Green is a unique product provide efficient planning for the user to save energy in the office,factory and home.

  • AC input switching
  • DC input switching
  • All day timing entries
  • Access control systems
  • specific day,week,month,hour,minute,sec timings entries
  • Internal EEPROM support
  • Remote configuration using windows/unix software
  • Remote monitoring support using USB,serial,LAN and wireless
  • Extended memory card support for NU2100 higher models with unlimited entries
  • 20*4 LCD or 240*320 LCD support
  • 4*4 keypad,3 key or joystick support
  • web based monitoring is also supported

NU2000 Features:-
  • 5 Relays supported
  • Inbuilt RTC support with Battery back-up
  • Serial Communication with the Personal Computer
  • Relay Drives both the AC/DC Power
  • Internal EEPROM with Storage Capability of Upto 30 entries
  • 2 Modes of Operation
    • Configuration Mode
    • Execution Mode
  • Input AC power supply 230V for the Circuit Operation
  • Wall Mountable/Din Rail Mountable
  • Automatic Power Control based on Different Time Settings
  • Applications:
    • AC Control in Office, switching of AC, Morning and Evening can be controlled automatically
    • AC ON/OFF on holidays also easily Configurable

Recent past Nirmitsu's major focus has been shifted to Power industry. The fast development happening in the areas of renewable energy, advancement of new technologies in distribution, centralized streetlight control for the Village/Municipal bodies, development of new LED based streetlights with lesser consuption of power, power on demand, smart metering and other technological advancements allowed Nirmitsu to do a constant R&D and innovation in the areas of Power industry. As a company Nirmitsu started to innovate in the areas of Power and SmartGrid in early 2009. The company's major focus on developing Wireless based Smart Grid and Power management solutions allowed them to bring and integrate a Web based management console to manage lighting devices indoor and outdoor in 2010.

The solutions developed by Nirmitsu was initially focussed on to integrate Wireless modules(NURF100 B1-B6 series modules) based on 802.15.4 to their Nirmitsu CloudRFMS(Nirmitsu SmartEnergy Web product) or Nirmitsu SMS to provide monitor and control capabilities.

Initially Nirmitsu Wireless modules are capabile of generating a unique RF integration with their Control Terminal NU2100.

The product has demonstrated in late 2010 to Govt of Karnataka by 3rd party vendors. The solution was developed to handle different needs of industry by focussing only to develop Wireless modules and Control Terminals.

  • NURF100 B1-B6 RF modules
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g modules
  • NU2100W - Wireless Smart energy controller communicating to NURF100 B1-B6/WiFi mesh modules one side and Uses SMS/GPRS/3G connection to centralized server to provide localized feeder pillar control.

The NURF100 modules had the capabilities to provide a

  • Zigbee/6lowpan/Mesh networking for streetlights The devices can talk to NU2100W/NU2100 control terminal and can be configured with secured connection from Remote server to store local energy profiles. The energy profiles can be dynamically reprogrammable to the device for controlling street light at different things like night, day, evening, dawn, etc. The device has also integrated with temperature sensor to check the present condition in the area to provide some unique information about weather conditions. The device also provides internal temperature condition of the box to check the life of steetlight. The device also has photo transistor to detect the daylight condition.

The NURF100 modules provide the unique capability to connect the devices NU2100 in mesh or infrastructure mode.

NURF100 will work in

  • Router mode
  • Co-ordinator mode
  • End device mode.

The device will provide Control and Data communication mode Where in control mode after the secure channel established it will allow to send data in ASCII AT mode to control application for changing the configuration. The binary data communication will allow the synchronous state of the device to be monitored and present device conditions like device in failure, device disconnected, device present profile or PWM value, device present state will be reported to Web console.

NU2100W/NU2100 devices can transmit the data to centralized server Nirmitsu CloudRFMS to log the data in regular interval. The NU2100 device can also store and forward data on regular intervals to avoid a huge traffic from all devices implemented in a area/city/village. The synchronization can be configured in different intervals to the Web server and device has following capabilties

  • keep alive messages to server and NURF100 devices
  • GET/SET device state
  • GET device conditions
  • GET RF device data
  • Device Scanning and enumeration and reconfiguration from server
  • local data logging
  • Forward and synchronize data with central server
  • provide SMS/GPRS/WiFi monitoring
  • provide maintenance mode for network remap.
  • provide networking unique indentification mechanism.

The unique capabilities of above devices allowed to develop a unique solutions in early stages of emergence of Internet of Things(IOT).

As a company Nirmitsu provides

  • RF and Wireless modules for Smart Energy management
  • Lighting controllers with pwm support for LED street lights and indoor lighting.
  • Integrated support for multicolor lighting and RF device with OWM output can provide a unique control of lights and bulbs to provide good indoor experience and ambience.
  • The supprot for 3rd party AVS/Oower controllers, Contactors will allow them control traditional tubelights, streetlights based on power requirements.
  • The capability of Wireless sensor allowed NURF100 device to work with AC/Chiller controller monitoring.
  • The GPIO/PWM control provided by NURF100 will allow the Screen Control of Windows and Doors in houses by providing BLDC motor control through wireless.
  • The capability to handle the incoming Analog data using ADC will allow the NURF100 to detect the level value produced by level sensor and provide a unique wireless water level detection solution.
  • The capability to send GPIO signal will allow the NURF100 to control hooters to generate a alarm based on the people present detected using light/IR based human detection sensor which uses techniques like generating digital pulses detecting human or animal
  • The capability to Detect the human present allowed to develop a unique applications like "Auto presence Detection and Energy management System" to turn off lights in the conference rooms based on people in availability. This application is extended to Malls and has been tested in Malls of Bangalore by Nirmitsu. The application will help Nirmitsu to detect the people present in the area based on different technic and IP of Nirmitsu and provide appropriate lighting.
  • The capability build wireless alarms and lighting system will allow them to implement these in Transportation area like Bangalore Metro Railway or any other Metro projects to manage the lights from remote place and tune the lighting based on people availability and provide a unique Power saving.

Nirmitsu is constantly working with different industries to provide unique power solutions.

  • Smart homes - working with interior designers to provide unique smart home solutions to provide
    • Screen control
    • Device control like Geaser, Water level etc
    • Door control or Boom barriers
    • lighting devices, AC , Heater and Fan - provides a unique solution with multi colour lighting with ambience control and light dimmable control and colour generation capability for lights. Remotely manageable from Web and mobile devices. supports any type of mobile device like Android, iPhone,Blackberry etc.
  • Apartments and Campus
  • provide unique solution for optimization of power consumption in corridors, streets and other area based on customer customization requirements. The solution can integrate the each building/home to generate unique analytics and provide high end energy profile over the period based on customer usage pattern.

  • Smart Grid
  • Nirmitsu is working with different energy vendors to provide industry standard compatible smart grid solution for following application

    • street light control and monitor
    • maintenance
    • Reconfiguration
    • substation management
    • NU2100 and NURF100 will provide a unique street light control and monitoring solution along with Nirmitsu CloudRFMS

  • Smart Metering
  • Some intern at Nirmitsu recently published the paper on DKMS and Nirmitsu RF NURF100 module We are working with metering companies to integrate our wireless modules to their meter devices to provide smartmeter solutions

  • Solar, Wind, Renewable Energy Generation and Distribution
  • We are providing some monitoring console like NU4000 for monitoring the power, voltage and Current. The solutions will be provided to the Solar/Wind Generation plants. Some of the customers also evaluating to integrate the RF solution for line fault detection in power distribution line.

  • SmartCity
  • The solution can be easily updated to smartcity by providing a Cloud server integration for each home, office, industry, campus. The solution can generate a huge benefit to customer if integration can happen to utility vendor. The utility vendor can provide Customer on demand power, Customer information System with utility can provide dynamic power supply based on urgent needs at the time of critical power failure. For example, providing the power to hospital or Retail shop in the area. The WiFi modules of Nirmitsu can be used to provide a Smart City WiFi mesh networking by providing high end alerts and messages, house reconfiguration of home appliances based on the supply of power or usage of power.