RF and Wireless

Nirmitsu Technologies has world class product line RF modules providing different type of RF hardware modules for IT, healthcare, RFID and tracking, smart energy/grid, smart tag, anti theft, industrial and manufacturing automation, building automation, home automation and home security applications

Our strength is providing unique, low cost and highly customizable platform integrated with our RF modules. We support different opensource protocol stacks like uipv6 with 6lowpan, contiki, tinyos and several other operating systems like smartpaths(http:www.smartpathindia.com) smiletiny custom stack. We provide support for

  • Zigbee
  • 6Lowpan
  • Coap
  • Smiletiny

At nirmitsu we provide custom firmware based RF modules and web sdks and application platform for "Sensor as Service" solution. The web solutions can be developed by our customers based on our RF modules using python, J2EE and .NET.

We support different cloud platforms like AWS, Google apps, IBM bluemix and Microsoft Azure

Our RF products

Nirmitsu also provides the cloud/web based software products -SDKs utilising the aboveRF hardware modules for the following industries

  • Power and smartgrid.
  • Nirmitsu provides unique mesh networking/zigbee modules with 802.15.4 stack to provide smart energy and street light control. NURF100 series modules are wirless modules with PWM capabilites to control the lighting devices like LED and CFL. In combination with the nirmitsu own lighting controllers it can generate multiple colors for the different lighting devices to provide unique indoor experience and ambiences. Nirmitsu can work with third party power/AVS controllers,contactors to provide the street light control capabilities for smartgrid in mesh networking. Nirmitsu NURF100 and other wireless modules also provides integrated wireless capabilities to support industries standard in power and WSN.(wireless sensor networking). wireless modules with sensing capabilities can also be used for the temparature monitoring for chillerplant for retail/manufacturing,integration with the standard weather monitoring system for the street light control,humidity monitoring for the food industry and other related applications. Nirmitsu cloud RFMS can be used to monitor and provide any analytics of the data and generate a appropriate street light/sensor/lighting control data for the indoors and outdoors applications. The graphs and report generated can be used to measure the efficiency of the system implementaion and provide a unique feedback to the management.

  • Retailer manufacturing.
  • Nirmitsu provides unique inventory management software called Nirmitsu Invento supporting the real time dual stracking capabilities. The software is also available to the user on the cloud platform with the all management and integrated features.

  • Industrial office and home automation/security.
  • Nirmitsu provides unique software products to integrate devices and RF modules to provide a remote facility management. Nirmitsu cloud RFMS is a unique product providing futures like

    • Tracking
    • Control
    • Image captures with the ip camera
    • Integration to provide real time alerts and messages to the end user
    • The data generated can easily integrated in analytic platform like Hadoop and bigdata. The vision of Nirmitsu from 2009 with integrate wireless with web/cloud platforms to provide unique solutions to the customer problems. As a company we saw the internet of things requirments 7 years ago by interacting with the different customers and facility managers. IOT(the happening buzzwar)platforms customisation can be offered by nirmitsu along with this partner to provide a unique solution for different customers.Nirmitsu IOT web platforms "Cloud RFMS" ie cloud remote facility management system can be integrated with third party wifi solution to provide unique wifi based monitoring sysytem for the office operations with integrated cameras and DVRs. The integration of the guard tracking system NU2200 can be done through cloud RFMS to ensure the office home and industrial security.

  • Weather monitoring and wireless sensor networking
  • Nirmitsu provides unique products line up NU4000 to provide sensor management for environment conditons like

    • Humidity
    • Temparature
    • wind speed/direction
    • Solar Radiation
    • Rain
    • Ph
    • Dew
    • Soil test(co2 content)
    • Evaporation
    • o2

To provide the above information Nirmitsu has a console terminal which will provide a unique data collection/logger capabilities for the user. The following software products devoloped by Nirmitsu wireless modules keeping in mind recent requirement of growing third party IOT(internet of things)middle ware,platforms,analytics cloud solutions.

  • Nirmitsu Invento.
  • Provides a unique inventory management solution with real time tracking.

  • Nirmitsu cloud RFMS
  • provides a unique remote facility managemnet solution with integrated support for alerts,messages,data logging,analytics,reports,monitoring and control of sensors and RF devices.These also provides the integration to homesecurity system with guard tracking,cameras,alarms and DVRs.

  • Nirmitsu SMS.
  • Its a stripped down version of Nirmitsu cloud RFMS to provide a unique weather monitoring and analytics capabilities.