RFID and Tracking

Nirmitsu Technologies provides NURF100 RF modules to provide a unique solutions in tracking and monitoring solutions. Nirmitsu along with its partners provides following unique solutions and products for RFID and tracking Invento management for warehouse, Retail shops and manufacturing industry with Real time tracking of Items.

Following Technologies are used by Nirmitsu along with Nirmitsu Invento software product as well as some of the Nirmitsu hardware modules. Nirmitsu also integrates 3rd party hardware solutions to Nirmitsu Invento to provide the unique RFID tracking applications.

  • Barcode
  • Traditional solutions for inventory management of Retail/manufacturing goods with barcode and barcode scanner to read the content and update the inventory management system provided by Nirmitsu Invento. It has capability to integrate to 3rd party ERP platforms like SAP, Microsoft ERP platforms, Tally etc. unique way of exporting the tracked items will allow a seamless integration to 3rd Party platform

  • NFC/HF/UHF passive RFID tags
  • The capability to integrate HF/UHF passive tags for Retail/Manufacturing, Textiles, pharma, Agro, Food, consumer Electronics, Computers/Laptops/Notebook/Mobile devices tracking for IT department, Parking management in Malls, Valuable device tracking like Jewellery tracking, Art galleries, museums etc. The UHF provides higher range tracking than HF devices with smaller antenna sizes. The passive tags are can be of type paper, plastic, metal tags. These doesn't require a power source and gets radiated power from UHF/HF reader. The applications of UHF/HF is vast. The Following are the major industries at present utilize the UHF/ tracking

    • Container tracking
    • Museums/Art Galleries/Jewellery Shops.
    • parking management for vehicles
    • Computer, Laptop, Mobile , Notebook tracking for inventory inside and outside for IT department.
    • Retail/Manufacturing item tracking
    • Pharma and Food industry for process and monitoring
    • Process monitoring using RFID sequencing system.
    • Vehicle parts management.
    • Oil and Gas industry to track delivery
    • Warehouse to Distributor tracking of delivery
    • Logistics and goods delivery

The capability to Tags with in built memory will also introduced lot of applications like

  • process sequencing
  • provide production process based on the updated data on the tag

  • product quality tracking
  • understand the quality of the product based on time and other parameters and update the information there itself to check the real quality by reading the tag.

  • Delivery and support validation
  • used by support team to get information on last serviced date, serial number, warranty period etc.

  • Loyality programs and Cards
  • The cards are used to store the information on shop details,user details, services, last shopping information and other information about the customer. This will help the software to get information of customers usage pattern. Other cards like which store the Wallet data for customer for utilizing the services. For example, using the services from Hotel to pay for the food from a loyality card and charge it using online.

  • SmartCard/MSR
  • majorly used for loyality programs and we can deliver solutions based on the same

  • Active RFID tags
  • Nirmitsu provides a unique solutions based on Active RFID tags, We have unique expertise in delivering solutions based on Active RFID. Our product NURF100B1-B6 series modules can be used to provide a unique application for customer to deliver high end tracking capabilities for their industrial needs. Active RFID tags will be equipped with small batteries with longer life.The applications like

    • Tracking of costly jewellery ornaments, Arts and show pieces.
    • Baggage tracking
    • Items tracking like Vehicle spare parts which are highly valuable.
    • produced goods like cars, bikes, autos etc to get real count of produced and sold vehicles.
    • people tracking
    • Child tracking system for kids
    • Child tracking inside campus with smaller range devices.
    • Tracking of UPS and other power devices with real time information of failure and recovery data.
    • RTLS - implementation of real time locationing based on Zigbee, WiFi, mesh networking moudles provide real location of child/people

Nirmitsu Invento provides a unique inventory management solution by capturing the data from nirmitsu devices

  • provides a captured data to be analyzed by 3rd party devices by uniquely generating the data on regular intervals/on demand.
  • provides really unplugged Web/Cloud UI front end which interacts with data provided by InventoRF DataProvider to give real time tracking. The InventoCloud or InventoWeb is a unique multi platform solution capable of running in windows/Unix platforms. The Invento can provide different features for inventory management which you can check out here