Smart Energy

At early 2010 Nirmitsu developed its RF modules based on 802.15.4 for Smart Energy and Home Automation applications. The NURTF100 modules developed by Nirmitsu address different Smart Energy applications for indoor and outdoor for different industrial segments. The Energy management solutions provided by Nirmitsu CloudRFMS gives a unique edge to the ogranization in areas of

  • Lighting device monitoring and Green Energy initiative
  • Green energy intiative provided by nirmitsu will cut down huge power consumption from different devices by increasing overall effiencency.
  • The devices will allow a unique monitoring capabilities to generate a Energy Analytics data to do a Energy profiling.
  • Nirmitsu hardware and software solutions will provide Zigbee/6lowpan/Custom protocol stack support for developing applications based on Zigbee or UDP applications for power and device control applications.

Nirmitsu devices can deployed with NU2100 or standard protocol support like MQTT based gateways from Smartpath providing the huge benefit utilizing present world Analytics platforms from IBM and other cloud vendors.For key products in software/hardware can be utilized for smart energy management.

  • Nirmitsu CloudRFMS
  • NU2100W
  • NU4000
  • NU2000/NU2100

Some of the unique applications like

  • Energy control based on Occupancy
  • Energy profiling and analytics for customer campus, Apartment carridor etc
  • Streetlight control system
  • Home automation and Green Energy
  • Monitoring of solar inverters and generation units
  • Automatic control of lighting and energy devices

Nirmitsu Technologies launches a new product line for power management and saving in office, home and industry.

NU2000 Features:-
  • 5 Relays supported
  • Inbuilt RTC support with Battery back-up
  • Serial Communication with the Personal Computer
  • Relay Drives both the AC/DC Power
  • Internal EEPROM with Storage Capability of Upto 30 entries
  • 2 Modes of Operation
    • Configuration Mode
    • Execution Mode
  • Input AC power supply 230V for the Circuit Operation
  • Wall Mountable/Din Rail Mountable
  • Automatic Power Control based on Different Time Settings
  • Applications:
    • AC Control in Office, switching of AC, Morning and Evening can be controlled automatically
    • AC ON/OFF on holidays also easily Configurable
NU2100 Features:-

NU2100 Product is designed and manufactured by Nirmitsu Technologies as one of "Go Green Save Energy" initiative product. As Nirmitsu has different product line in Industrial Control and Automation, NU2100 - Go Green is a unique product to provide an efficient planning for the user to Save Energy in their Office, Factory or Home.

  • AC Input Switching
  • DC Input Switching
  • All Day Timing Entries
  • Access Control Systems
  • Specific Day, Week, Month, Minute hour, Sec Timing Entries
  • Internal EEPROM support
  • Remote Configuration using Windows/Unix Software
  • Remote Monitoring support using USB, Serial, LAN and Wireless
  • Extended Memory Card support for NU2100 higher models with Unlimited entries
  • 20X4 LCD or 240X320 LCD support
  • 4X4 Keypad, 3 Key or Joystick support
  • Web Based Monitoring is also supported