UHF/Passive RFID Readers.

Nirmitsu provides unique application based on UHF RFID reader and tags module. The UHF reader and tags are primaries used in passive RFID tracking applications as mentioned in this page "RFID and tracking"

Nirmitsu works with its partner to deliver the UHF solutions for tracking application with highly capable devices to generate unique tracking results. The readers are capable reprogramming the tags in field on demand by providing unique secured reprogrmmable capabilties.

Nirmitsu invento provides unique tracking capabilties to provide inventory management, control and proper alerts to dashboard to the user to take appropriate action.

The UHF readers will work in

  • Diferent frequencies and protocols based on the countries Requirement
  • At present we work with partners to deliver gen2c1,c2 and ISO/IEC 18000 air protocol support,retail,manufacturing RFID tracking
  • The UHF solutions van provide a tracking distance from 3m to 10m based on the power capabilities of the RFID reader
  • The UHF tags can be paper,metal,plastic and can be used for applications where the environment use will differ
  • Ultra high frequency tags are becoming more popular for solving difficult problems and meeting business needs across various industries
  • The difference between HF and UHF tags and application where UHF tags have been successfully deployed
  • HF and UHF tags operate at different frequencies.The HF tags will operate in 13.56 Mhzand maximum read range is about3 feet.Mean while UHF tags operate in 858 to 930 MHz frequencyband and can have a read range of 30 feet.
  • UHF tags along with the Nirmitsu Invento and readers for following applications
    • Inventory tracking
    • Anti-counterfeit applications
    • Identification applications
    • Process sequencing
    • Supply chain management