Weather monitoring stations

Industrial Automation (NU 4000)

Nirmitsu Technologies provides next-generation industrial automation and control systems,wireless solutions and mobile phone applications that deliver highly customizable, Reliable and Innovative platforms to enhance and Automate end users business efficiencies

Nirmitsu provides end-to-end platform solutions from control devices to web application consoles

  • Supports upto 16 analog sensors channels
  • supports upto 8 logical channel
  • supports upto 8 Digital(pulse input) channels
  • supports monitoring communication interfaces like
  • Operating Temparature:-40c to +85c
  • 20*4 LCD interface
  • 4*4 keypad support
  • Optional 240*320 graphics TFT display support
  • ON board EEPROM from 256K upto 64M
  • Expandable MMC/SD card support for Local data storage
  • Device firmware provides a relay and FAN feedback control with the monitored data
  • Alert services provided based on the User configuration for critical conditional handling- like SMS alert,Network Event,etc
  • Capable of connecting other sensors with 4-20 mA or voltage output
  • RS485 is optional feature
  • Host Monitoring Software - IAcquire Data Acquisation platform from Nirmitsu Technolgies
  • Web SMS-Web based sensor Monitoring system
  • supports sensor like
    • Temparature
    • Humidity
    • PH
    • Wind Direction
    • RPM
    • speed
  • Different Enclosure support based on different Environmental conditions
  • Battery backup supported -2 to 6 Hrs. Min(custom battery backup support is available)
  • Monitoring features
    • SMS Based Monitoring
    • Ethernet Monitoring over custom TCP/UDP port
    • RS232/RS485/CAN monitoring

Nirmitsu Technologies provide Weather monitoring solutions for the different environment conditions supplied to industries and Govt bodies.Industries like

  • Agriculture and Food industry
  • The NU4000 platform provides a unique integration Weather monitoring with different wired and wireless sensor integration to capture parameters like

    • Humidity
    • Temparature
    • Wind speed/direction
    • Solar radiation
    • Rain
    • Ph
    • Dew
    • Soil test(co2 content)
    • Evaporation
    • o2
    • Power
    • Voltage
    • Current
  • Environment Monitoring
  • The integration of enivronment data to SCADA for the Govt Bodies/Muncipal bodies to get information on

    • Sewage and Waste water plants
    • General Weather condition
    • Water processing plants

    The CloudRFMS is capable of integrating to SCADA system provide unique value add.

  • Power Plants, Defence and other industries Mainly used for monitoring of sensor data for different applications like
    • Monitor temperature variable in production plant
    • Monitor solar plants
    • Monitor different parameters to help the defence to analyze present environment conditions in critical places
  • Wireless Sensor Networking and SmartGrid
  • The integration can provide a unique management of SmartGrid of lighting devices indoor and outdoor. Streetlights can be managed easily based on weather conditions. Smart Cities can be adapt these technologies to propogate the data to indoor as well as outdoor and generate the unique information to control your devices in house and in street.

    The IOT advancement will allow NU4000-NURF100-NU2100-Nirmitsu CloudRFMS and 3rd party application to generate a unique "Smart City" application which can manage indoor and outdoor devices to provide

    • Alerts for weather variation for the end user and automatically change the state of in house devices like heater and AC to meet the same.
    • Alerts for different environment conditions
    • Campus management systems to control streetlights inside campus for Educational organizations, big company campuses etc.
    • Provide a unique management of sports stadiums to adapt to outdoor condtions.