Nirmitsu developed some of the WiFi based modules based on Redpine chipset and over the period nirmitsu develop different solutions based on its partner WiFi modules.The Nirmitsu WiFi modules are supporting 802.11 b/g solutions initially for SmartHome applications.

At Nirmitsu we started integrating solutions like 802.11s WiFi mesh solutions to provide unique mesh infratructure for managing utility devices like lighting, AC and other outdoor streetlight. These android solutions also demand requirement of wiFi over the period

The WiFi application can be utilized by

  • Apartments and campus corridors/streets.
  • Smart City
  • Smart Grid

The other applications like RTLS (real time location system) also a unique application requested by Nirmitsu's partners and customers for Vehicle production tracking.

Over the period nirmitsu also developed in house WiFi home automation solution to cater different customer needs.