Wireless Sensors

Monitoring and control solutions for the Defence sector

Nirmitsu Technologies has a very good product line for monitoring and control solutions for Aerospace, Military and Navy.HMS is one of the chasis monitoring solution with integrated FAN and temperature sensor

Host monitoring software provides sensor control and monitoring platform with many features, support for different communication interfaces and sensor parameter management. at present,the platform is supported on linux/unix and windows, *MAC OS support is also available

  • supports configurable analog sensors channel
  • supports configurable logical channel
  • supports configurable Digital(pulse Input) channel
  • supported Monitoring over
    • RS232
    • LAN/WAN
    • CAN
    • WLAN
    • USB
  • supports real time graph
  • supports real time chart of sensors
  • Data monitoring
    • Real Time control of sensor monitoring
    • supports Timing configurations
    • supports NU4000 series devices
    • supports Real Time Alert Management
    • supports Devices and sensors
Auto Detection over SPP or wireless protocols:

Support multi sensor monitoring

  • Supports a device Tree view for Multi Device Monitoring
  • Graph view with different sensor parameters
  • Sensibility Management
  • Supports a data storage using MySql/Oracle/Sql/MS-acess Database storage
  • Supports file based data storage
  • Data can be stored based on Daily,weekly,hourly basis
  • Reports can be generated from the stored data in PDF for HTML fromat
  • Provides unique monitoring and control features for the user
  • capable of generating graph based on stored information

Nirmitsu Sensor Monitoring System provides centralized control and monitoring for wired or wireless sensors with web based interface. software provides different type of reports, analysis and alerts for the user.

NimitsuSMS is a web-based project.useful to monitor various devices and sensors located at different locations

NirmitsuSMS provide different options like:
  • Registration process
    • Send PO
    • PO will be add by the Nirmitsu Administrator and send Registration form to the customer
    • customer will fill the registration form and send it to the Nirmitsu Administrator
    • once the payment has done,Nirmitsu administrator will activate Customers account
  • Registered customer
    • Group creation/modification for the application
    • Role creation/modification for the application
    • Users creation/modification for the the application
  • Registered Customers Users
    • Users can access devices and sensors based on their role,based on device selection user able to view sensors of that particular device
    • Graph view and table view of data
    • Range settings
    • Backward option to view history data
    • view particular sensor in a seperate window and zooming option

Nirmitsu SMS product developed by nirmitsu to provide a unique capability to do the

  • Monitoring of sensors in wired and wireless connection
  • Provide a cloud/Web based solution to store the sensor data.
  • Provide a unique analytics of data captured.
  • Provide unique UI for the end user to configure alerts, message and configure the sensors connected to the server.
  • Configure the maximum and minimum ranges for the sensors to capture the data without error.
  • Provide unique calibration capabilties.
  • Provide a threshold management system for alert generation
  • Integrate with location sensing controller to provide the location/sensor based alerts.
  • Send voice/message alerts to remote devices like mobile and dashboard and alarm controllers.
  • Provide unique graphs/charts/reports for sensor data and create analysis and maps based on failure and critical conditions.
  • Provide dedicated storage service for capturing the data based on different protocols like 6lowpan, modbus, UDP custom protocol, COAP and MQTT.

This is stripped down version of "Nirmitsu CloudRFMS" for application doesn't require all functionality remote facility management.